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Conference opening [ITA] Video
Antonio Cocomazzi
Windows Privilege Escalations: Still abusing
local service accounts to get SYSTEM privilege [ITA]
Video | Slides
Marcello Salvati
BYOI (Bring Your Own Interpreter) payloads:
Fusing the powah of .NET with a scripting
language of your choosing [ENG]
Video | Slides
Leo Di Donato
Falco: runtime security analysis through syscalls [ENG]
Video | Slides
Pawel Rzepa
Serverless security: attack & defense [ENG]
Video | Slides
Raffaele Di Taranto & Vito Lucatorto
From 0 to Hero - Actionable Threat Intelligence [ITA]
Video | Slides
Closing [ITA] Video

  RomHack is a community-driven security conference held in Rome, gathering each year security experts and enthusiasts

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